Our technology is the most accurate way to evaluate and optimize marketing decisions.

MarketPredict®’s data scientists and media experts use state-of-the-art simulation technology to help you with go-to-market decisions.


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Make smarter marketing decisions through rapid what-if forecasting

Use actionable reports, not just insights

Respond to the market of your consumers in real-time

MarketPredict® is a proven marketing strategy simulator. It provides rapid fire forecasting of how consumers will be influenced by marketing strategies & events.

What makes our methodology so superior?

MarketPredict® is a platform used by a team of data scientists to help you forecast the impact of your marketing plan

We combine over 15 data sources — including ratings, competitor spend, social media listening, polls and surveys — into one unified analysis so you don’t have to piece together multiple reports

Our forecasts are highly accurate because we use machine learning to fill in data gaps and behavioral economics theory

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