Market Predict Market Predict

Live Predictive modeling that helps you deliver smart media campaigns and convert voters

A State-of-the-Art Way to Optimize Your Media

Forecast Voter Conversion, Not Just Reach

Focus your marketing where it will have the most impact on voters

Updated in Real Time

Our data adapts to changing dynamics

Makes Omnichannel Recommendations

Includes all paid, earned, owned media & accounts for word of mouth

Leverages Machine Learning

We apply AI (aritificial intelligence) to account for data gaps and make our model smarter over time


We'll work with you to run scenarios that are important to your campaign

Turn Key & Easy to Consume

Recommendations are sorted & color-coded, so there's no need to dig through large data sets; we have on-call political analysts to answer your questions

We Get Inside the Mind of the Voter

What will you get as a client of MarketPredict?

Media Optimization

Media Optimization

We compare media channels so you know where your campaign can convert the most voters across the media landscape. Many of these channels are paid, but we capture social and earned media as well to make sure you know what’s working (and what’s not)!

Station Ranker

Station Ranker

Here we drill down to broadcast TV, comparing stations within your market(s). You’ll know which stations have the most convertible voters, both overall and for your particular campaign targets!

Program Ranker

Program Ranker

What good are media optimization tools if you can’t make a buy order out of them? Our program ranker is where we make line item recommendations for where to place your media dollars. Our value-add offering shows broadcast TV recommendations, but we can also pull in cable, radio, digital and any other paid media channel you’d like to see in detail. Just ask!

After successfully beta testing MarketPredict in 2016 & 2017, we're making it available to your campaign!